5 Props Every Photobooth Needs

How often, in our daily lives, do we get to play dress up? Answer: Not enough. There is something magical about putting on a wig, headdress, or foam finger that just lets us escape ourselves and cut loose. It’s no secret that having a photobooth at your event takes the fun factor up to 11.

A wedding photobooth, in particular, is one of the best ways to guarantee that your wedding pictures capture has goofy fun pictures that will feel more real than the ones taken by the professional photographer. Props are integral to the party photobooth experience, and a good photobooth company should bring all the right ones.


Unless you have a mustache, how can you possibly know the joy of one? Talkin’ bout Shaft. From a big cowboy handlebar, to the Snidley Whiplash, ‘staches are where it’s at.


Everyone loves a royal wedding, but when was th last time you were invited to one. Never, is my guess. Your whole party should be full of ersatz kings and queens.


Make love, not war is a stupid slogan because you can make both at the same time. From medieval axes to lightsabers, people just love to whack each other. You know what I mean, get your mind out of the gutter. A couple of plastic swords and it’s brother vs. brother or husband vs. wife instantly.


Silly glasses of all shapes and sizes are the best for unleashing the freak within. Elton John couldn’t be Captain Fantastic without his oversized anteojos, or they can magically turn the incredible Superman into lowly Clark Kent.


Your company has a logo, so use it! All manner of banners, signs, hats, flags and well.. coffee mugs I guess, give your event a customized flair. Everyone will remember the fine corporation that was so much fun.

Hooray! Fun!